Magnetic NZ Māori Kai 61pcs

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Discover the words for common food items in te reo Māori. Students will learn the words for everyday foods they eat. There has been a focus on words for healthy foods Learning Māori is fun and easy with these magnetic resources. A essential in classrooms across New Zealand, these magnets are easy to read and stick to metal surfaces or whiteboards. These Māori language magnets work alongside the other magnet packs in the range to create a comprehensive te reo Māori learning program. The Māori words are large and designed to be read from a distance while there is a more discrete English translation below to help with memory recall. This means that teachers do not need to be fluent to be able to help their students learn. Designed with Māori language teachers these magnets feature the most commonly used form of the word appropriate for learning Māori in any region of New Zealand. A great bi cultural resource for both children and adult students of the Māori language, these can easily used